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Understand The Needsstep 1According to industry characteristics, the characteristics of your products, present your ideas, requests, questions

Product Analysisstep 2Analysis of characteristics of the product, industry, product, market analysis

Team Buildingstep 3The product is designed for research and development, to ensure the smooth progress of the construction period

Mold Makingstep 4According mold design, custom / custom-made products

Solutionstep 5Solid strength, advanced design concepts to create the best solutions to meet customer needs


Wenzhou Shangshang Metal Products Co., Ltd. is located in the Longwan central industrial zone Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, two kilometers away from Wenzhou airport and convenient transportation. Is a professional production of various types of head, flange and metal products, key enterprises, stainless steel head products are widely used in pharmaceutical products, beer, food, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, biotechnology, water treatment and other fields.
The company has strong technical force, advanced production technology, improve the quality inspection and good after-sales service

Stainless steel head materials and different shapes

Stainless steel head materials and different shapes Stainless steel head we can see literally, is stainless steel as the m 2011-10-31

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